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Internet Data

On a daily basis information travels the Internet regarding illegal street racing and related dangerous activity. Below are links to some of that data.


Fox did a piece on illegal street racing in Southern California, Link

Fatalities & Injuries

Refer to Mapping on this page (lower right) and then chose view larger Map for current details.


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For a list of fatalities

Go to EVO Street Racers








Illegal Street Racing Collisions Fatals

Evo Street Racers maintains a database of illegal street racing related accidents and news. To get a glimpse of how prolific the problem is, go to their site by clicking here.


illegal street racing


We had originally started a fatality and injury database related to illegal street racing and other dangerous driving stunts (Thank you to Julie Wartell of The Analysis Group and Kevin Highland ( for assistance on this database). Some of those fatalities and injuries are listed in the map below. Click on the marker for details or "view larger map". We have since differed this type of information to Evo Street Racers.


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For a current list of fatalities and significant information on illegal street racing Go to EVO Street Racers


Clicking on a red marker will bring up information on that fatality. Click and drag the map to move it or use the navigational tools on the left. If you want more information on the listed incident, send us an email with the incident date from that fatality or injury..


If you have information on an illegal street race or stunt incident, please contact us with the information and source so we can make it available to all.


crushed carInformation regarding illegal street racing, drifting, stunting, and related activities comes across our desk every day.


This data comes from law enforcement, the insurance and automotive industries, numerous contacts, and from news stories. After over a decade of investigating illegal street racing activities We are still amazed at the amount of death and destruction.

Crushing cars has been an effective solution in stopping this otherwise endless cycle. There is a complete section in the book on car crushing, car seizures and related case law, READ MORE.

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