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“Mike Bender's presentation concerning the direct link between Street Racing and Auto Crimes is without the doubt the most comprehensive available world wide. Mike's direct knowledge and enthusiasm is very evident in the first minutes of his presentation. As a long time auto crimes investigator and a drag racer I can attest that Mike's program is filled with current and accurate information. This class is a must for any street officer, auto theft investigator or insurance investigator.” 


"Rating of 1 to 10 Mike gets a solid 10. In fact, out of all the classes presented during the training, Mike's presentation was the most informative and interesting"


"This class is a must for any street officer, auto theft investigator or insurance investigator".


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The Fast, The Fraudulent & The Fatal Is a Comprehensive Investigator's Guide written by Michael Bender on how to Identify, Investigate, Detect and Deter Auto Theft and Fraud while Saving Lives. For less than $20.00!

Over a decade of hands-on investigative experience specifically addressing auto theft and fraud as it relates to the most stolen vehicles on everyone's top ten list.

Learn what to look for with Ghost Riding the Whip, Drifting, Canyon Carving, Stunting, Illegal Street Racing, Car Surfing, Sideshows...

Every Investigator who implements the principals in this book will not only STOP auto crimes, theft, fraud and protect property, but SAVE LIVES. As an added bonus, insurance companies will prevent millions of dollars being spent on fraudulent claims.Examine years of hands on real stories of theft, fraud and the Fast and Fraudulent scene and what can be done to identify problem areas; recover stolen vehicles and parts; identify fraud; save lives; prevent injuries, theft, fraud, and protect property.

 Click Here for Sgt. Jagoe's Book Review for the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.Press Release Available Click Here

Learn the newest trends affecting the industry before they become a claim.

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Nine Chapters filled with over a decade of hands-on investigations by the nations leading authority on illegal street racing theft and fraud.


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A must read for Law Enforcement, Auto Theft Investigators, Insurance Companies, Fraud Investigators, Parents and Educators…

Chapter 1: The Fast and Fraudulent Scene

Chapter 2: Common Types of Fraud and Theft

Chapter 3: Events that Drive Theft and Fraud

Chapter 4:  Auto Theft Methods of Operation (MO)

Chapter 5: Modifications, Personalization and Fraud

Chapter 6: Internet Investigations

Chapter 7: Law Enforcement Operations, Enforcement and Solutions

Chapter 8: Laws, Legislation, Suggestions and Prevention

Chapter 9: Insurance Company Issues


10% of the book proceeds will be donated to F.A.S.T., The Foundation for Automotive Safety and Trends when purchased from F.A.S.T.

About the Author:Michael Bender has over 30 years experience in law enforcement and training. He is an internationally recognized speaker in the area of illegal street racing related crime and advanced auto theft investigation. He has worked with and trained numerous task forces across the country from an operational standpoint as well as an educator. He created software and the Fast and the Fraudulent educational training series.

 Unable to keep up with the demand to speak regarding this subject, Michael Bender has compiled everything he currently teaches into one single expanded resource.

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